The Panfish Survival Kit

Simply Crappie's Panfish Survival Kit is packed with 36 pcs. of soft plastic bodies of the best 6 colors for Panfish. ..Also included is 12 pcs. of our Roundhead Staggered Barb jig heads in 2 sizes (1/32 oz and 1/16 oz) with lazer sharp Eagle Claw Sickle Hooks for great hookups and maximizing your panfishing experience.
This Panfish Survival Kit works great on all Panfish, in all seasons. The Panfish Survival Kit comes as pictured, soft plastics colors are not customizable.
Just $12.99 each with FREE SHIPPING!!

Simply Crappie's Panfish Survival Kit!!

Works great on all Panfish, in all seasons

Just $12.99 each with FREE SHIPPING

Stinger Panfish Survival Kit
Stinger Panfish Survival Kit Shown - - Click image to Enlarge


For custom or bulk orders (10+)
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