BULLET Head Sickle Hook Jig Head

Unpainted, Multiple Jig Weights, Sickle hooks available in 3 colors,
Starting at
$13.99 per 100

100 Count BULLET Head Sickle Hook Crappie,Bass,Walleye Jig Head

Custom Unpainted, Multiple Jig Weights, Sickle hooks available in 3 colors!!

Bullet Head w/Matzou Sickle Hooks
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Premium Sickle Hook Jig Head.
Light wire super sharp hook on a center balanced bullethead.
These hooks were designed to hang horizontal in the water to give your presentation a more natural appearence.
These hooks are premium super sharp,light wire,bleeding red, gold, or
black chrome Eagle Claw sickle hooks.
The hook-up ratio greatly improves over standard hooks due to the wide gap.
Hooks the fish in the boney part of the mouth the majority of the time.
These are hand poured from clean lead which makes a nice finished product.

What you will get:

100 Count Unpainted Bullet Head with your choice of Jig size and Hook color.

For custom or bulk orders (1,000+)
Give us a call @ 1-573-569-3676
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